Site update

We are slowly updating the site. Finally have some thoughts flowing. As its not easy maintaining a website while taking care of your 17 month old daughter.

Hopefully we can gather some of our favorite links/sites, recipes, vaping info and aswang stories and details soon.

If everything goes as we would like hopefully we could earn a few dollars from the site every month. To help with bills and mostly things our beautiful daughter needs.

If you look to the left of the website name you should see a image of our daughter. We uses #msqrd to create the image using her face. As this site is also dedicated to her. I call her my Lil aswang or baby aswang.


She is our first child and very precious to us. We shall do everything in our power to provide a good life for her. Along with maintain her health.

She is smaller then other children her age. But in many ways more advanced. Started walking by 6 months and understands everything we have expected from her and then some. She has always understood butt change since 2 months old. And she is also strong. She has been able to open a bottle since 4 months old. But usually doesn’t.


Well I will call this update an end of my night and wish everyone the best.

PS remember we are all Aswangs in 1 way or another..



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