Basic Computer Support.

First thing of importance is knowing your computer is secured and safe.


The safest computer will never be online and will not have anything installed or plugged in. Ie flash drives and cds.


Windows computers are the most vulnerable due to all the known holes in the operating system.

Linux is a valuable free and open sourced operating system. Is capable of a virus and Spyware but very rare. Unlike windows which is known to get plagued with viruses and Spyware.

Mac is more of a professional use computer in office spaces. Such as doctors and especially music and graphic design. It can get a virus and Spyware just like Linux.  But just like Linux it’s rare to occur.

Both mac/apple and Linux are based off Unix. Many claim it’s not but when you look at the source it’s Unix.

It’s easier for a mac user to switch to Linux then a windows user as the file structures and programming are very simular.

Linux is actually easy to use once you open your mind and allow the structure to flow thru your mind.

Windows suggested programs.

  • Avast Antivirus
  • SUPERAntiSpyware
  • Malwarebytes



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