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Being the Head AsWang I shall give you a bit of info.

I recently quit smoking early December 2016.

I knew previously that vapin g works and helps. But with the new options made it hard to figure out what way to go this time.

I ended up picking up a kangertech topbox mini kit from with coupon code and choosing white along with 1 18650 all for $28.

I use to like ecblends alot but my 2nd order of liquid tasted awful.

I have tried thesaucela after 2 weeks of steeping the juice was good but gunked up coils daily.

Now I am trying key lime pie. It tastes very good and is 1 of my current favorites.

I am also researching which dna 250 mod to get a hold of. I personally am looking into a lipo mod.


Personally looking at the vtbox 250 as it looks decent sofar.

If any companies wish to donate hardware or e-liquid feel free to contact me.

I am also looking for a more mobile friendly system.

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