Future Aswangs of the world.

We are all the Aswangs of the future.

Working plans.

Doing some vaping e-cig reviews and links to vends reviewers etc.

Add info about aswangs and why I like it so much.

And lots more.

Mainly need to get my app working thru the site. That way I can post easier. As we are computer less.

Aswang is a Mythical Creature from the Philippines. Which they highly believe are real. not sure why as I’ve never experienced anything Strange.

My wife is from Iligan City Philippines. Which is in Mindanao.
There beliefs in aswang, wakwak, white lady and more kind of drive me nuts.
some claim they have actually seen the white lady. while others don’t see it.

Ever since my wife came to the states she started realizing
they are not real.

When we went to the Philippines
and visited Camiguin Island. She swore she heard a WakWak. and in the Market we were warned to stay away from specific People as they are aswangs. they say you can tell by looking in there eyes and everything is upside down.

Personally after that moment I admired and loved the Aswang Meaning.

Could you Imagine anything like it being true.

Well as of
2015 my wife and I have a lovely Daughter. Which we call our baby aswang lol.

We are currently waiting for
our personalized License Plate ASWANGS.

We chose aswangs due to aswang being taken and 3aswang don’t sound that good


III% AsWangs

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